Posted by: Heather Harrison | October 11, 2011

What do Steve Jobs and Great Home Builders Have in Common?


Steve Jobs introduces the iPad

In tribute to one of the greatest innovators of all time, Steve Jobs, let’s take a look at innovators in the world of real estate construction and design. 

Why do some builders sell every new home they build, while others build homes right down the street that sit on the market?  While a great real estate agent and appropriate pricing are critical, time and time again, I have seen that the top builders use innovations to give their homes a real edge in the marketplace.  Like iPhones and iPads, innovative homes sell.

The great builders of our time realize that they can never rest on their last house; that discerning buyers in the high-end market will not settle for the “cookie cutter” homes and lower-end materials.  Building a great product means using the right materials and putting in the necessary skill and effort to create something truly special. 

Copper awnings adjourn the front of 53 Paddington Road, Scarsdale

Take for example, this newly constructed home at 53 Paddington Road in Scarsdale.  On the outside, the builder has built gorgeous copper awnings on the front, giving the home an elegant and inviting touch.  As you venture inside, a coffered ceiling give the dining room a majestic feel. 

Coffered ceiling in dinning room of 53 Paddington Road

Dormers are another favorite of mine, giving the home’s façade style and character while expanding the living space and bringing in light from the outside.  At 10 Carstensen Road in Scarsdale, the builder of this Tudor Colonial built gabled dormers on the roof, giving this beautiful home tremendous curb appeal. 

Dormers at 10 Carstensen Road, Scarsdale give the home tremendous curb appeal

Tray ceilings are another nice touch that top-notch builders have been using to convey a sense of luxury and grandeur.  The tray ceiling in this master suite was a key feature in this Westchester home recently sold by Platinum Drive Realty. 

Master bedroom tray ceiling in Westchester home recently sold by Platinum Drive Realty

As you can see, great builders use building innovations to create a unique and inviting living space that is rich in character.  Their homes are anything but ordinary, just the like the amazing products conceived of by the legendary Steve Jobs.

Heather Harrison
Executive Vice President &
Licensed Salesperson
Platinum Drive Realty

2011, 2010 Five Star Agent, Westchester Magazine
2010 Platinum Award for Sales Excellence from the Westchester Putnam Association of Realtors

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